How to Arrange a Half Birthday For Your Baby Under a Budget? 6-Month Birthday

Baby Tee turned 6 months old and we celebrated her Half Birthday. Stick around to know the details.

Birthdays are very exciting for me because I think there should be at least one day a year for everyone. For me, it’s their birthdays.

Celebrating someone’s birthday is a way of showing them that you love them and care for them. And that way you get away from the overwhelming schedule of your daily routine and treat everyone with scrumptious food, fancy desserts, and some pretty cool treats. Here is a helpful post on how to make someone feel special on their birthday.

I love Pinterest, and I have to accept that it has made me somewhat a little crazy about the tuff. I’m either doing my house chores or dealing with Baby Tee or I’m on Pinterest. Are you following me on Pinterest? I have some pretty cool stuff going on there!

Whenever I’m using my phone, I’m using Pinterest 90% of the time. And my husband hates it, at times. Hehe.

So I was just going through Pinterest and this new thing came across HALF BIRTHDAYS. And of course, I loved the idea.

It basically had no concept or logic. But anything that makes no sense is definitely on my list. Plus I love to record everything related to Baby Tee in some way. I’m writing everything in Baby Tee’s journal. I’m taking pictures of every new thing she does and recording it in her Baby Record Book as well.

So I had to record it when she turned 6 months. The best way of doing it was by celebrating her six month birthday.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

I decided that it would be really simple. Just me, my husband and Baby Tee, nothing fancy. No guests, nothing else. I just wanted to capture those moments.

So I went ahead to the local art store and bought a few things which cost me no more than 20$.

I started arranging everything. Here it goes.



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The theme of the party was pink, black and white. It was named “HAPPY HALF”

Baby Tee- Half Birthday



First thing’s first. I had to decorate the area. Our lounge was almost empty back then and I needed to make the background, so the scene and the pictures look pretty.

I placed a table and threw a cloth over it. It was a random cloth I had lying around my house.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

Then I went ahead and made a banner of “HAPPY HALF”. It was very easy to make. Just cut out 9 pieces of cardstock of the same size, in the shape of your liking. Cut out the words, paste them onto the cardstock and outline with any marker of your choice. You can also use alphabetic stickers. Hang them on the wall using some string, tape and paper clips. OR Click here to get a complete pack of props for you baby boy and here for the baby girl.

Next thing I did was making these crepe paper pom poms. It is the easiest thing to make, honestly. And it makes a huge difference. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube regarding this.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday



I had TAQWA named, golden balloons, which my husband used as décor when he was arranging the homecoming of Baby Tee. So I reused them. They added a lot of color and brightness to the whole décor.

Click here to check out golden alphabetic balloons and here for silver ones.

I blew some simple balloons and stuck them on the wall.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

I also added a few fairy lights on the side wall and placed her Baby Chair in the front to cover up space.



I made an invitation. I only needed one, for my husband, as I just wanted to make it as a memory. You can get a lot of ideas on Pinterest or Google if you’re interested.

Here is what I made, very simple, easy and pretty.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

Baby Tee- Half Birthday



Next thing that I did was, I made this chalkboard thing. They are so in and look so chic. I absolutely love them.

I bought a huge chalkboard and cut it in half so it was a perfect size. Then I marked everything that I needed to write down with pencil and then went ahead and used different colored markers to give it the final look. And it turned out amazing. You can play around with it and make it just the way you like it, messy or minimalist, classy or colorful, totally up to you.

This was my favorite amongst the decorations.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

Baby Tee- Half Birthday



It’s time for final touches. I placed a candle, some flowers, Baby Tee’s feeder & rattles, a few photo props, her small stuffed toys, and some other items for decoration purposes.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

And I was done.



This is my favorite part when it comes to arranging a party. We love food so yeah..

The menu was something like this:

  • Chicken Supreme Pizza

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

  • Garlic and Cheese Balls

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

  • Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

along with some drinks.

Making these things was so much fun. I baked cakes the night before and frosted it in the morning and let it cool and settle down for the rest of the day.


Baby Tee- Half Birthday


I made the dough for pizza and cheese balls in the morning, let it rise. Prepared my chicken and other fillings meanwhile. In the afternoon, I baked the two dishes and I was good to go.

If you want details about how I made these items, let me know and I’ll definitely help you out.



Photography credits go to my husband. I was just so busy with other stuff, lol.

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

Honestly, we had so much fun arranging the night. Food was delicious. The décor looked amazing and we had such a beautiful and memorable night. And it cost me no more than 40$. (20$ for the art supplies & 20$ for some ingredients I needed to make the dishes, remaining I already had at home)

Baby Tee- Half Birthday

I think we should keep arranging such small events to spice up our family life. It was simple, fun & affordable. What do you think?

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If you’re planning on arranging a half birthday of your kid, let me know how it went. Tag me on your pictures on Instagram with #RukhAZ  

I’d love to see them.

Half birthday



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  1. Courtney Geerlings

    July 12, 2018 at 12:28 am

    I love this idea! Might have to do this in 2 months when my baby girl Emma turns 6 months old!

    1. Rukh AZ

      July 12, 2018 at 5:04 am

      Definitely, it’s such a fun & memorable stage and milestone! Congratulations! xx


    July 17, 2018 at 9:03 am

    You have such a beautiful family ! Planning birthday parties have always been daunting for me but you make it look so easy! Thanks for the hacks and tips.

    1. Rukh AZ

      July 17, 2018 at 11:05 am

      Awwwh! Thank you so much, love! It honestly means so much to me! <3
      I love planning parties maybe that's why. You should give it a try, it's fun! :') God bless.

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