10 Legit Tips to Save Money on Grocery

Here are 10 Legit Tips to Save Money on Grocery! Make sure you implement them all to get the best results. Enjoy!

If you are anything like me, you are likely to spend more than half of your income into the groceries. I know, because it’s just so tempting.

Walking in those beautifully stacked aisles and not buying anything is like a nightmare. How can someone possibly not feel bad about it?

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When I started going to buy my groceries, about two years ago, I came to know how much fun it was. Honestly! Going grocery shopping became one of my favorite things to do on the weekends.

But the more we went on grocery shopping, the more money we spent. Of course!

Back then, we were not really concerned about the amount of money we are spending. So we didn’t notice how much money we wasted.

After almost one and a half year of doing that we realized how wrong we were. It happened after the birth of our baby. We were like, “Nah, now it’s over.” No more over-spending on groceries.

But how would we do that, if I enjoyed putting random things in my cart and bringing stuff home so much?

But we tried. For almost 6 months, we tried and failed. But we were getting better. Every month we were spending lesser, at a little to no compromise on the quality or quantity.

It took time, more than we expected. But gradually, we came to know the tactics, which we now use while shopping and it always helps.

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So here are my tips for you, if you want to save some extra cash on your groceries.



The day you get paid, try to analyze and make a mind-map of your expenses. This includes how much you want to save? How much is the estimated billing? How much are your internet and other subscriptions payments and more?

You can use my free printable to get track of your expenses and income.

After completing the process of analyzing, make an idea of how much you want to spend on groceries. Put 5 to 10 percent of that money aside and spend from the remaining amount. This is to make sure you spend within the limited amount and if you need anything else by the end of the month/week, you’ll have some money to rely on.



Do some research on your local stores and shopping malls for offers and promotions. You can check online or have a look at their flyers and brochures.

Nowadays there are applications for everything. Check your play store or Appstore for apps which notify you about the promotions.

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ



Don’t take this step for granted. Make a grocery list on your phone or on your notepad and take it with you when you’re going shopping.

Make sure to mark the items you already bought.
And try to stick to the list as much as possible. It will save you a lot!



if you buy items in bulk, you will save money because the bigger items are lower in price, usually. You will reduce the waste and you won’t have to buy those items for a good couple of months.

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ



This is my favorite tip and you’ll be stunned by the fact that it literally saves you a ton!

When you shop on an empty stomach, you are more likely to buy the items which tempt you but are not necessary.

But if your stomach is full, you won’t be bothered by those packets of Belgium Chocolate or Betty Crocker Cake Mixes.



Try to cut off the distractions as much as possible. If you are at the store to buy the vegetables only, don’t go ahead and load your cart with those candies, juices, cookies or cheese.

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ



Your kids will distract you a lot and they will make sure you buy all the unnecessary stuff.

Drop the kids with their dad at the park or the game store before going to buy groceries.



Don’t feel shy to check your stuff at the end of the shopping before checking out. You are more likely to exclude a few unnecessary items.

Honestly, every time I do this, I take out at least five items from my cart.

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ



Don’t be in a rush, when buying your groceries. Stay calm and check for the prices before putting the items in your cart.

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ



Yes, I know that shopping on a budget can be intimidating at times. But don’t worry if you buy an item or two extra. It’s okay.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Arthur Ashe

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ

If you really wanna buy a certain item, go ahead and buy it and don’t feel guilty afterward. It’s not a big deal. You tried and you did say ‘no’ on other items. So it’s not a problem if you bought one extra item.

Feel good that you still stayed on track!

I hope these tips helped you saved a few bucks on your groceries and if it did, my job is done!

What are the tactics that you use to save money on groceries? I’d love to hear from you! Do let me know in the comments. xoxo

Save Money on Groceries- Life With Rukh AZ


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